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Top Three Weird Crime News Stories that Will Totally Shock You
You will should to learn that the number of people who have college degrees in America is the same as people with criminal records. The justice department is struggling to look for ways to lower this number. Stupidity is the reason why many people who commit crime are caught. You will be totally shocked when you cant believe the crime that some people are caught trying to do. Read more here to know the top three crime news stories that will shock you.

Maybe you have not heard the weird crime new story of the man who dressed up as a corpse to fake his death. What laws would you be ready to break if you knew that the payoff was two million dollars? A couple from Twin cities choose to fake death to get this amount of money. The man faked his death by using unknown corpse which was later cremated. Hence, the wife received two million dollars from the insurance company for the claim of the husband died. Maybe you are asking where did things go wrong? , given this look like a perfect crime, however, the man was arrested for mail fraud. Hence, uncovering the couples scheme to fake the husband death.

The other weird crime story is about a man who sat for two days in a grease vent. To enter a Chinese hotel a man though the easiest way was through the grease vent. The idea was simple as all the suspect had to do was remove all clothes and slide down the grease vent. However, this individual come at a point where the vented turned at a 90-degree angle. Hence, making it impossible to continue moving down, due to lack of friction the man could not pull himself up from the vent. After shouting for help for two days the man was finally rescued by the police and arrested.

The man who stabbed the burrito assailant is the other bizarre story you may have heard on the new. One of the most sensitive problems at homes is domestic violence. However, sometimes you cant help it but laugh when you hear stupid things couple do to each other out of anger. Suzanne Hulver and Carl Smith a couple from Florida enjoyed goofing around. The breaking news was about Carl stabbing his wife, Suzanne on her hand with a fork. You may wonder what might be the reaction of a professional bail bonds agency like AA-Action Bail Bonds after receiving news of this case.

Sometimes you hear the weird crime story news, and you are amazed by the level of stupidity that these individuals portray.